Welcome – School’s Back In Session

Last Updated:  April 12, 2020

Welcome to Atlanta Public Schools – Forgotten Treasures! As many of you may come to discover, the city of Atlanta is constantly changing its landscape. Native Atlantans have watched these rapid changes with awe and trepidation. While it is wonderful to see the city change and evolve into a modern metropolis, fit for the title of “Hollywood of the South,” it is also sad to see the history of the city wiped away.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a look back at Atlanta’s past through a different avenue – through the history of forgotten Atlanta Public Schools that have either become victims of the wrecking ball or have luckily received renovations and repurposing. Histories of public schools fall into the category of local history, which is crucial for any inhabitant of Atlanta. The interesting history of the former Atlanta Public Schools tells you more about the city than you know. It provides a history of local neighborhoods, the history of social trends, economics, gendered history, integrations, etc. Finally, native Atlantans longing for the old Atlanta can explore the histories of old Atlanta schools and reminisce about the days long forgotten. Unbeknownst to many, buildings can connect people’s stories to a broader story of Atlanta’s history.



3 thoughts on “Welcome – School’s Back In Session”

  1. Lee street closed in 1970 and students were transferred to the new Dean Rusk school. The property was bought by a developer before the close of the ladt school year and torn down to make way for the West End Mall. I attended Lee from the second grade to the third and half the sixth and half the seventh I finished the seventh at people Street school. The years I was not at Lee street in West End I was at Lee Street in Jonesboro. My first grade was spent in Moleania in the country of Cantonment Fl.


  2. Thank you for this information on gone but not forgotten schools! My first teaching experience was at Grant Park Elementary in 1965-66 school year. My second year with APS found me coordinating the teaching of science at Grant Park, E.A. ware, and M.Agnes Jones elementary schools.
    I would LOVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THESE SCHOOLS. If the buildings are still standing, I would like their addresses!
    Thank you for this fortotten bit of history!
    Shirley Davis


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